Wander Franco Allegedly Missing In The Dominican Republic

Allegations have surfaced claiming that Wander Franco is missing in the Dominican Republic, and local authorities have been unsuccessful in locating him.

According to a report from the Listin Diario newspaper, raids were carried out at two residences in an attempt to find the disgraced MLB star, but he remains unaccounted for.

It was reported that one of the residences belongs to Franco, while the other is owned by his mother. Contact information was allegedly left with his spouse by the police.

The shortstop has been under scrutiny by both Dominican Republic law enforcement and MLB since accusations of involvement with at least two underage individuals emerged during the summer.

Reporter Hector Gomez from the Dominican Republic indicated that “additional evidence has been discovered in the case of Wander Franco, which further implicates him in the allegations of involvement with minors.”

Following the allegations in August, the Tampa Bay Rays placed Franco on administrative leave, removed him from advertisements and highlights, and removed his images from their stadium. Franco’s merchandise has also been taken down from team stores, and MLB placed him on administrative leave for the final 42 games of the season.

It remains uncertain whether the authorities intended to interrogate Franco or detain him.

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