LATEST: ESPN’s X Profiles Are Protesting Against Elon Musk, No Activity Since Friday

ESPN’s profiles on X have remained mostly inactive since Friday, subsequent to Disney’s announcement of halting advertising on the platform.

This choice was made following Elon Musk’s backing of content from antisemitic and white supremacy profiles, as disclosed by Media Matters, which pointed out Musk’s posts and advertisements appearing alongside content honoring the Third Reich and Adolf Hitler.

Some profiles are still active on the social media platform previously known as Twitter, but the primary ESPN profile, as well as those of programs like NBA on ESPN, First Take, NFL on ESPN, and ESPN Plus, have not posted anything since Friday, nor have they liked or replied to any content.

Here’s ESPN’s last post on ‘X’:

Disney’s profiles have also been quiet on the platform, with Marvel Entertainment also abstaining from posting.

Other major corporations such as Apple, Warner Bros. Discovery, IBM, and Comcast / NBCUniversal, have all ceased activity on X in support of the protest.

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