Pete Rose Talks About Shohei Ohtani Issue While Under Lifetime Ban for MLB Gambling


Pete Rose contemplates his MLB days and expresses a desire for having a language interpreter like Shohei Ohtani amidst the ongoing controversy.

The baseball community is abuzz with the drama involving Shohei Ohtani and his former translator, Ippei Mizuhara, who was terminated by the LA Dodgers due to accusations of embezzlement to cover gambling debts.

With Ohtani’s free agency and subsequent contract with the Dodgers, attention has turned to the off-field turmoil surrounding Mizuhara’s firing following allegations of financial misconduct related to Ohtani.

An investigation initiated by MLB on March 22nd prompted Ohtani to speak to the press for the first time, refuting any involvement in sports betting:

“I have never participated in sports betting, nor have I instructed anyone to do so on my behalf. I have never placed bets through a bookmaker.”

These events draw comparisons to Pete Rose, a Cincinnati local and Reds Hall of Famer, who encountered his own gambling scandal and continues to be barred from baseball.

Rose shared his viewpoint on the matter, subtly noting the irony of not having an interpreter to shield him from scrutiny during his time:

“If only I had an interpreter in the 70s and 80s. I would have been in the clear,” reflected Pete Rose.

Recently, comedian Jimmy Kimmel joked about the link between Pete Rose and Ohtani in his late-night show monologue, emphasizing Rose’s previous admission that betting on baseball remains his sole regret.

In a 2019 podcast, Rose suggested that his permanent ban for gambling may have resulted in approximately $100 million in earnings lost.

Pete Rose Enforces Self-Permanent Ban on MLB’s Ineligible List

In 1989, MLB prohibited Rose from betting on the Cincinnati Reds while he was a player and manager, leading to his choice to embrace a lifelong ban subsequent to an inquiry by John Dowd.

Rose willingly recognized his inclusion on baseball’s ineligible list, admitting the factual basis for the ban while coming to an understanding with MLB not to officially adjudicate on the gambling allegations.


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