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A group of eighteen ex-athletes accused of scamming the NBA Health Plan

Players that stand accused include Jamario Moon, Terrence Williams and Glen Davis.

Credit: Flickr/raymondclarkeimages

In total, eighteen former athletes have been apprehended and charged with deceiving the NBA’s health and well-being program, embezzling almost $4 million.

According to the indictment released on Thursday, the athletes were involved in a collective plan to pilfer funds from the program by fabricating dental and medical procedures. The deceit allegedly originated from a fictitious claim put forth by Terrence Williams in November 2017, stating he had received chiropractic treatment amounting to $19,000. Subsequently, he was reimbursed $7,672 through the program.

The illicit operation then broadened, with Williams furnishing other athletes with forged invoices from a chiropractor and dentist in California, along with a health facility in Washington state. In exchange, they remunerated him a portion of the funds from their reimbursement claims.

The current sum lost due to the wrong claims is approximately $3.9 million. 19 individuals face charges in the indictment, with 18 being former athletes and 16 of them being detained on Thursday morning.

Among the accused are Jamario Moon, Glen Davis, Tony Allen, and Allen’s spouse. While Davis and Allen amassed $30 million in earnings from their sporting careers, most of the other implicated individuals switched between various NBA teams and never reached the income levels of the league’s top performers.

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