Legendary Female Tennis Player Margaret Court Criticizes Serena Williams For Lack of Admiration

Australian tennis icon Margaret Court, who holds the record for the most Grand Slam singles titles with 24, is facing criticism for her recent comments about Serena Williams upon retiring from professional tennis.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, the 80-year-old expressed that while she has respected Williams as a player, she believes Williams has never reciprocated that respect towards her.

“I admired Serena as a player,” Court shared with the British newspaper. “But I don’t feel she has ever admired me.”

Court also remarked on how Williams played professionally for seven more years than she did and achieved more success post-pregnancy compared to Williams.

“After giving birth to two children, I made a comeback and won three out of four Grand Slam titles,” Court stated. “In contrast, Serena has not won a Grand Slam since becoming a mother.”

The tennis legend mentioned that her personal beliefs, particularly her opposition to same-sex marriage, have made her a controversial figure in the tennis world, leading to a lack of recognition for her achievements.

“I often find that the media and tennis community tend to overlook my contributions,” Court lamented. “Despite the accolades I have received in my home country, there is a reluctance to acknowledge my legacy.”

Court emphasized that during her time as a player, conditions in tennis were significantly tougher than those faced by players like Williams today.

“I would have welcomed the opportunity to compete in this era. It appears much more convenient,” Court explained. “I would have loved being able to travel with family or friends, but I had to travel alone or with the national team. People are unaware of these challenges.

Court also criticized Williams for not acknowledging her opponent, Tomljanovic, following a match defeat.

“I found it disappointing that Williams did not show more appreciation for her opponent in her post-match comments,” Court remarked. “Respecting and honoring your opponent was a fundamental value instilled in us as players.”


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