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Kyrie Irving Prefers to Avoid Financial Loss But Insists on Doing “What’s Most Suitable For Me”

Irving maintains he will not be getting the coronavirus vaccine.

Credit: Flickr/Erik Drost

In spite of his reluctance to jeopardize missing chances to compete alongside the Brooklyn Nets, or the financial setback that may follow, the NBA standout has affirmed his decision to stay steadfast in his choice of not getting vaccinated against Covid-19.

“I am choosing what’s most suitable for me,” remarked Irving during an Instagram Live session. “I am aware of the repercussions and if that entails facing judgment and condemnation, so be it. It’s a part I have to play. Nonetheless, I never intended to forgo my zeal, affection, or ambition simply due to this mandate.” He also reiterated that retirement from the sport was not on the cards for him.

Nonetheless, Irving will not be gracing any Nets home matches. A rule in New York City bars unvaccinated professional athletes from practicing or engaging in games at public sports venues. The Nets will uphold Irving’s pay for games on the road, but he could witness a reduction of nearly half of his earnings (which are currently around $35 million). Irving acknowledged that while the financial impact is unwelcome, “it’s not always about the money, rather about selecting what’s most beneficial for oneself.”

The distinguished player commended healthcare professionals and refrained from criticizing individuals opting for vaccinations, instead focusing solely on his decision-making process.

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