The NFL is Set to Prohibit The Contentious Move This Coming Offseason

The hip-drop tackle raised eyebrows this past week in college football following a leg injury to Florida State quarterback Jordan Travis.

Similarly, Ravens tight end Mark Andrews is scheduled for ankle surgery and is expected to be out for the remainder of the season due to the same style of tackle, sparking debates in the NFL.

The contentious “hip drop” tackle has faced criticism in the NFL for its potential to cause lower-body injuries.

Reports indicate that the league is expected to forbid this tackling technique in the upcoming offseason, and defensive players could face substantial penalties for using it.

While the NFL previously contemplated outlawing the hip-drop tackle, it ultimately opted against it. The difficulty lies in devising an alternative method for a player pursuing the ball carrier to execute a tackle without granting further advantage to the opponent.

Defenses will need to adjust or risk penalties. One plausible alternative seems to be physically restraining players until teammates can execute a tackle, which presents a significant challenge.

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