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Paige Spiranac Examines a Comparison Between Tom Brady & Cristiano Ronaldo to Elucidate the Double Standard of ‘Trashy’ Sex Appeal

Enough is enough for Paige Spiranac when it comes to this two-faced standard.

In her most recent video, Paige Spiranac criticized male athletic figures such as Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Tom Brady, and Lebron James to highlight the inconsistency of men being allowed to overly sexualize themselves while women are not.

Under the title, “My Unfiltered Thoughts,” the golf influencer showcased images of male sports stars without shirts, including Tom Brady and Cristiano Ronaldo.

“There’s been a lot of chatter around female athletes and their display of bodies,” she expressed. “People keep saying, ‘Stop over-sexualizing yourself. You’re setting women back. Nobody will take you seriously,’ and I believe that’s utterly nonsensical.”

She also proceeded to mention the top four highest-earning female athletes according to Forbes, such as Naomi Osaka, Serena and Venus Williams, and Simone Biles.

“These women share some common traits. Firstly, they are all phenomenal athletes, with two of them being hailed as the greatest of all time. They have diversified interests beyond their athletic careers, and notably, they have all appeared in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. These women truly embody versatility,” she noted.

“Now, I can sense you thinking, ‘Paige, men would never strip down for attention or exploit their sexuality or do it solely for financial gain. Really, now?”

In the previous month, the cover star of the 2022 Maxim Hot 100 addressed derogatory comments about her body on her YouTube channel and acknowledged that receiving criticism is part and parcel of her profession.

“I understand that my physique plays a significant role in my image, and that’s just part of the deal, but it’s quite challenging to maintain my desired weight consistently year after year,” she explained. “I put in a lot of effort at the gym and with my diet. It’s not something that comes naturally to me. It can be disheartening when people target my body insecurities.”

Regardless of how much backlash she faces, she is here to stay for the foreseeable future given her substantial following on various social media platforms.

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