Tom Brady Admits Long-Suspected Truths Regarding Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Super Bowl Parade

At last, Tom Brady has confessed to what pretty much everyone who witnessed his celebration of winning his seventh Super Bowl already knew.

The former Patriots and Buccaneers quarterback was observed tossing the Lombardi Trophy from one boat to another during the Bucs’ parade. It appeared that the greatest of all time had enjoyed a little more than he should have on the day, and he has now come clean.

During a conversation with former teammate Rob Gronkowski on his ‘Let’s Go’ podcast, Brady acknowledged that he did not contemplate the potential repercussions of the Lombardi falling into the water.

“I feel like you kind of had like, two drinks, and you hadn’t in a couple of years and the two drinks, compared to someone else, would be dead sober and very capable,” Gronkowski told him (H/T People). “You had two drinks and were like, ‘Oh I’m feeling it.’”

“I was definitely inebriated, because had I not been, I don’t think I would’ve taken the chance realizing that thing would’ve fallen like 90 ft. to the bottom of the bay,” TB12 confessed.

Well, tell us something we don’t know.

It would have been quite an event if Brady’s teammates had not caught what was perhaps the most crucial pass of his career. But we imagine it’s a matter a few skilled divers could have resolved had it come to that.

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