Tom Brady Retaliates Against Bill Belichick During a Netflix Event


During a Netflix comedy event for Tom Brady, the jests varied from Gisele Bundchen to deflate-gate. Nevertheless, one of the most memorable moments occurred when Brady playfully poked fun at his ex-mentor, Bill Belichick.

Brady humorously mentioned a ring he cherishes, not a championship ring but an allusion to a surveillance camera capturing Belichick departing a house in the early hours. He jokingly praised Belichick, proclaiming, “You’ve still got it! Hat tip to you.”

Belichick’s response was a grin, acknowledging Brady’s playful banter on stage.

Brady was alluding to a leaked Ring camera footage from the previous year showing Belichick leaving a building shirtless. Speculations surfaced connecting the footage to Belichick’s split from Linda Holliday and his subsequent departure from coaching.

It wasn’t just Brady, but also other former Patriots like Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman who took playful jabs at Belichick during the event, fostering a relaxed atmosphere.

Brady and Belichick Reunited in 2021

Following a Buccaneers versus Patriots game in 2021, Brady and Belichick shared a touching moment off-camera in the Tampa Bay changing room, as detailed by CBS News.

There were accounts of Belichick spending a notable amount of time in the Buccaneers’ locker room with Brady, suggesting a positive interaction between the two.

Overall, the comedy event provided an avenue for former Patriots to exchange light-hearted moments and potentially heal old wounds in a pleasant and amiable setting.


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