Josh McDaniels Is Allegedly Returning To NFL Under Specific Stipulation

There are reports suggesting that Josh McDaniels, the former head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, might make a return to one of his previous teams based on a specific condition.

McDaniels and GM Dave Ziegler were both relieved of their responsibilities midseason after the team’s lackluster 3-5 start. McDaniels’ time in Sin City ended with a disappointing 9-16 record, a significant letdown considering he inherited a playoff team that had secured 10 wins.

Per a report by Jeff Howe of The Athletic, McDaniels could potentially stage a comeback with the New England Patriots, only if Bill Belichick remains as the head coach. The report stated:

“Belichick will have to articulate a concrete strategy to substantially improve the on-field performance post the Patriots’ worst record (4-13) under Kraft’s ownership. As part of this strategy, the potential reappointment of former Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels is being contemplated, as per sources familiar with the situation.

“McDaniels, who has worked closely with Belichick for a combined period of 19 seasons, was relieved of his duties as the Raiders’ head coach in October. He has maintained a close relationship with Belichick and has long been a favored figure within the organization,”

The Patriots endured a disappointing 4-13 season, marking it as the franchise’s worst performance since the 1992 season, when the team concluded with a 2-14 record. 2023 also signifies the third losing season for New England in four years and the fifth consecutive campaign without a playoff victory.

Many expect owner Robert Kraft to part ways with Belichick after a dismal year, although it remains uncertain about his final decision. If Belichick does stay, it appears reasonable to reintegrate McDaniels.

Despite McDaniels’s struggles as a head coach (registering an 11-17 record during his term with the Denver Broncos from 2009 to 2010), the Patriots’ offense consistently performed at a high level during his tenure as the offensive coordinator.

It’s noteworthy that quarterback Mac Jones thrived under McDaniels in 2021 but encountered challenges after McDaniels departed for Vegas.

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