Al Michaels Exhibits Annoyance With Browns Fans During Thursday Night Football

Amid criticism for his subdued demeanor on “Thursday Night Football,” Al Michaels demonstrated his ability to sustain high energy levels this week.

Midway through the Cleveland Browns-New York Jets game, the esteemed broadcaster grew visibly irritated by Browns supporters banging on garbage cans.

He acknowledged the disturbance and playfully made a reference to the Houston Astros, quipping, “Someone’s pounding on that trash can. I think the Astros must be in town.”

The Houston Astros infamously utilized trash can banging to pilfer signs and relay pitch information to batters in real-time during the 2017 season. Many attribute this tactic to their inaugural World Series triumph in franchise history.

If it hadn’t been for former Astros pitcher Mike Fiers blowing the whistle in 2019, the saga might have remained undisclosed. Months later, MLB suspended manager A.J. Hinch and general manager Jeff Luhnow, and Astros owner Jim Crane terminated both of them.

No players faced suspension, as MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred granted them immunity in return for their disclosure.

Subsequently, the Houston Astros clinched the 2022 World Series, marking their seventh consecutive appearance in the American League Championship Series this season.

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