A Former Staff Member of Jacksonville Jaguars Faces Accusations of Swindling Millions in Bizarre Plot

An ex-employee of Jacksonville Jaguars is alleged to have stolen more than $22 million from the team between 2019 and 2023 by manipulating the organization’s virtual credit card system.

Amit Patel, who was part of the Jaguars team from 2018 to 2023, purportedly misappropriated the funds to buy two vehicles, a condominium, a luxury watch valued at over $95,000, and chartered private jets. He also invested the money in cryptocurrency and placed bets on online gambling platforms.

Court documents have identified Patel.

“The Jaguars were not directly mentioned in the federal filing – the organization was referred to as “Business A” – however, the team acknowledged that it was the target of Patel’s purported misdeeds.”

“We can ensure that in February 2023, the team dismissed the individual mentioned in the filing,” the team declared in a statement. “Over the previous few months, we have wholeheartedly cooperated with the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Florida during their inquiry and express our gratitude for their efforts in this case. As was evident in the accusations, this individual, a former financial planning and analysis manager, deceitfully took advantage of his trusted position to deliberately commit significant illicit financial activities at the team’s expense for his personal gain. This person had no access to confidential football strategies, personnel, or other football-related information. The team enlisted the services of experienced legal and accounting firms to carry out an exhaustive independent analysis, which verified that no other team employees were complicit in or cognizant of his illicit activities.”

Patel has been charged with wire fraud and illicit financial transactions, and accused of misappropriating at least $22,221,454.40 from the Jaguars.

This is just one more series of troubles that have plagued the franchise in the last 48 hours.

During the Bengals game on Monday night, Trevor Lawrence quickly connected with Christian Kirk, but the leading wide receiver for the Jaguars exited the game after his first catch due to a groin injury and did not return.

Kirk is scheduled to undergo surgery for a core muscle and is anticipated to be absent for 6-8 weeks. In the event of the team making it to the Super Bowl, he has a possibility of returning.

Later in that game, Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence sustained a severe ankle sprain on his right foot against the Bengals, but fortunately dodged a grave injury.

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