Joe Rogan Reveals WWE’s Vince McMahon Decline- “Unbelievable event”

Renowned for his straightforward views, Joe Rogan recently explored the decline of former WWE head Vince McMahon.

Joe Rogan is a familiar face as a UFC commentator and the host of the highly popular podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience.

In a podcast episode, Rogan highlighted the controversies surrounding Vince McMahon. Last year, McMahon was accused of **sexual misconduct**, with reports alleging he paid $3 million in hush money to hide the allegations.

More recently, fresh accusations surfaced against McMahon, accusing him of sexual exploitation and mistreatment of a former colleague. McMahon has refuted these claims, adding to a string of allegations against him. Consequently, McMahon has stepped down from his role, with the situation eagerly awaited.

Joe Rogan commented, “There’s something unbelievable at each stage,” emphasizing the seriousness of the issue.

Listen to Joe Rogan’s complete remarks in the video below (1:30):

Joe Rogan’s Prospects in the UFC

Joe Rogan has played a significant role in the UFC since joining in 2001. Initially recognized by Dana White during an interview discussing UFC fighters, Rogan began his UFC journey unpaid.

Across the years, Rogan and White have nurtured a strong bond, with Rogan even contemplating leaving the organization once Dana White steps down as UFC president.

The direction the UFC takes upon Dana White’s eventual retirement from his role at the company remains to be observed.

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