Yankees compared to Phillies Games Called Off As Wildfires Cast Eerie Scene Over Yankee Stadium

In the Bronx at Yankee Stadium, the Chicago White Sox narrowly beat New York with a 3-2 victory. However, the real focus of the night was the extraordinary view above Yankee Stadium.

Due to uncontrolled wildfires in Canada, the smoke could be witnessed, and detected throughout North America on Tuesday with some of the captured visuals resembling scenes from a film.

Regrettably, since last night’s game, the situation has deteriorated as the smoke continued to infiltrate American cities, resulting in the delay of several games on Wednesday.

The league has proclaimed the postponement of the game between the White Sox and Yankees, as well as the game between the Philadelphia Phillies and Detroit Lions at Philly’s Citizens Bank Park.

Given the ongoing fires, this might not be the end of the suspensions. And unless there is precipitation in the upcoming forecast, this is an issue that could extend far beyond New York and Philadelphia.


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