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Vontae Davis declared himself as retired at the halftime of the game

Vontae Davis declared himself as retired at the halftime of the game

The cornerback of Buffalo Bills Vontae Davis made an unpredictable decision of ending his NFL career at the halftime of Buffalo Bill and Los Angeles Chargers that led to the loss of Buffalo 31-20 on Sunday. There was a flock of predictable reprove made towards him. He was called “selfish” for his actions by a columnist. Whereas his decision was labeled as “an unconscionable act” by another reporter.

A few of his teammates were quite unsettled by his decision. The linebacker of Buffalo Bills, Lorenzo Alexander said that the choice of retirement which was taken by Davis in the halftime of the game was nothing but “completely disrespectful to this teammates.”

Vontae Davis started the game for Bills, but in the halftime of the game, the cornerback donned his street clothes and left the stadium. Davis released a statement after the game which says that “Today on the field, reality hit me fast and hard.” Afterward, he confirmed his retirement by saying “I shouldn’t be out there anymore.”

Davis trusted his gut feeling and decided to leave NFL, and it feels like Davis has done service to his teammates. Even under cool and nice circumstances, a lot of things can go wrong. If a football player is distracted or if his mind is somewhere else altogether, the consequences of such distractions can be quite devastating.

As he was undergoing a physical toll, Davis could have asked for a simple timeout and could have stepped out of the game and eventually could have declared his retirement afterward. He could’ve even taken a night off decide what he should do and what he shouldn’t. Instead, he calls it a quits in the middle of the game. Davis even termed his act as an “honest moment,” the cornerback placed his health primary. It seems Buffalo Bills have got a lot of other things to deal with other than worrying about a cornerback again footballer who just wanted out.

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