The 25th Anniversary of the Infamous MLB Strike

Major League Baseball celebrates 25 years since their strike for respect as players.

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August 12th is a big day in baseball. It is the 25th anniversary of Major League Baseball Players being on a strike so intense that it cancelled the 1994 World Series.

Bill Shaikan reported to The Times the story of this famous strike in Major League Baseball history. This had been the only time the World Series was ever cancelled! Unfortunately, The Montreal Expos also lost their opportunity to be in the 1994 Olympics after playing so well. This, of course, must have been a let down for the players who were high on success that year.

2004 marked the first year steroids were seriously banned in Major League Baseball. This resulted in a loss of over one thousand players, leading to a tragedy to many professionals’ careers.

Rumor has it a strike might happen this year. There is no solid evidence confirming either way, but players are clearly unhappy with new salary caps being established. In 1994, the players had an issue that professional players were being replaced by amateurs. As expected, owners are reaching new heights with income. As a result, players aren’t thrilled by the fate of the MLB.

The future of the MLB is determinable by its players. If you want to hear about more professional sports players handling their issues with authority, read our latest article on the USWNT.

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