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Tennis Umpire is disturbed due to Serena Williams in the U.S. Open

Tennis Umpire is disturbed due to Serena Williams in the U.S. Open

It seems the final of the 2018 Women’s U.S. Open is not going to be remembered as the first Grand Slam victory for Naomi Osaka who represents Japan. Naomi Osaka is the first Japanese player to win a Grand Slam tournament by defeating the legendary tennis player Serena Williams. Instead, the final match of the tournament will be remembered as the runner-up Serena Williamss controversy on the field. The best tennis player in the history of tennis to whom even the great Billie Jean King appreciates had called outline to Carlos Ramos, the umpire.

The umpire had docked multiple points and eventually it led to a game in the second set of Serena 6-2, 6-4 resulting in her losing the match to Osaka. Now it feels like the tennis umpires might take drastic action to respond to this controversy. Serena reportedly told the coach, Ramos, that she doesn’t cheat to win after the coach assessed a breach for alleged coaching during the final game. Serena Williams had lost another point after she broke a racket on the court and the third point which result in her to lose the game in the second set.

Williams even called the umpire a thief.

The mess that was created on the court has reportedly cost Serena Williams a fine of $17,000, and the responses to the incident have seemingly vacillated between the criticism for Ramos’ who seemed double standard. Many male players have verbally abused Ramos in the past, and he didn’t even give them any points. Williams was also criticized as she couldn’t bear the dominating victory of Osaka.

The Times of London even added that some of the officials have felt that the umpires are “not supported” by the USTA, United States Tennis Association. The times has even said that the coach was “thrown to the wolves for simply doing his job and was not willing to be abused for it.”

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