Supporters Evicted Following Dispute With LeBron James At Lakers-Hawks Match

Juliana Carlos took off her mask when speaking to James.

Image via Flickr

Four individuals were asked to leave during the Lakers-Hawks game on Monday night due to a disagreement with NBA sensation, LeBron James. The game took place at the Atlanta arena, home of the Hawks.

The Lakers emerged victorious over the Hawks with a score of 107-99, which didn’t sit well with Hawks enthusiasts Chris Carlos and his partner, Juliana. This dissatisfaction led them to engage in a verbal altercation with James from their courtside seats. Security promptly escorted both of them out of the venue, along with two others from their accompanying group.

Footage of the incident shows Mrs. Carlos lowering her face covering and confronting James, exclaiming, “Do not address my spouse like that.” She was then instructed to put her mask back on, as per the NBA game attendance protocol this season.

Mrs. Carlos later provided her account of the events on social media. “I mind my own business, Chris is a dedicated Hawks supporter. He has been following the team for a decade. He takes issue with LeBron, not me. I don’t care about LeBron,” she expressed in a video uploaded to Instagram.

“All of a sudden, LeBron directs something at my husband, I notice it and stand up. I say, ‘Do not speak to my husband like that,’ and he glares at me and goes, ‘Sit down, lady.'”

The Athletic’s examination of the footage did not capture James using the term ‘lady.’

James addressed the incident during the post-game press briefing. “Ultimately, I’m pleased to see fans back in the arena,” he remarked. “I miss that engagement.”

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