Serena Williams Commends Stringent Australian Open Quarantine Precautions

Williams is quarantining with her daughter, Olympia.

Image via Flickr

During a conversation with late night presenter Steven Colbert, Serena Williams voiced her approval of Australia’s rigorous quarantine protocols for athletes participating in the 2020 Australian Open grand slam event.

“It’s extremely strict but highly commendable,” the former top-ranked player expressed. “Australia seems to have, from the latest information I’ve received, eradicated all Covid cases. Remarkable, isn’t it? The entire nation. That is truly remarkable.”

Williams’ remarks follow criticisms from various other tennis athletes regarding the isolation regulations. A number of the 72 players who flew to Australia did so on planes with passengers who later tested positive for Covid-19, leading to all of them being mandated to undergo a two-week quarantine regimen. This quarantine requirement extends to a total of 1,200 individuals involved in the tournament, including player support crews and coaches.

Roberto Bautista, the male world no. 13 from Spain, likened his quarantine experience to being in “a type of confinement facility, albeit with internet access.”

“It’s surreal and extremely rigorous,” Williams commented, “but it is beneficial as it aligns us with a new normal similar to what we experienced around this time last year in the United States.”

The decision to proceed with the Australian Open has sparked debate within Australia, especially as foreign tennis competitors have been permitted entry into the country while many Australian citizens remain stranded overseas.

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