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Randy Fichtner appointed as offensive coordinator of the Steelers

Randy Fichtner appointed as offensive coordinator of the Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers has done a major change in its team. That change is not related to any player but it’s related to the coordinator of the team. As per the latest information, quarterbacks coach Randy Fichtner has been promoted to offensive coordinator of the team. The news about this came to the limelight on Thursday. The team replaced Todd Haley with Randy Fichtner.

Starting from the year 2007 to 2009, Fictner has worked as wide receivers coach under Mike Tomlin. He has spent 11 years there. After that, he has spent his eight years as quarterbacks coach. During his period, he helped Ben Roethlisberger to throw for 31,763 yards and 202 touchdowns.

Todd Haley was fired from the Pittsburgh Steelers on Wednesday after their six seasons. Well, enjoying the present situation and commenting on its new job, Fichtner stated: “I want to thank Coach Tomlin and Art Rooney II for giving me this opportunity to be the offensive coordinator for this organization.” He further stated that he will do his duty best and will put the offensive players in position to achieve more success and to corner more points. The team will play better than ever as they have started preparing for the 2018 season.

Former Tigers head coach Tommy West stated that Fichtner is a well-prepared play-caller and he always listens to the ideas of his players, and he also knows how to work with all types of players.

While asked why the team fires Todd Haley, the Roethlisberger stated that he had not any issues with Haley but on the other side report shows a growing tension between the two. The Steelers will need a wide receivers coach after the retirement of Richard Mann from the NFL after his 33 years.

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