Philip Rivers Retires From NFL After 17 Seasons

Rivers was best known for his time with the Chargers before signing on with the Colts.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

After a successful career spanning nearly two decades, Philip Rivers has officially declared his retirement from professional football. Known for his exceptional performance as a quarterback, Rivers leaves behind a legacy of 17 remarkable seasons in the NFL.

One of his most memorable chapters was his tenure with the Chargers. Beginning in 2004 when the team resided in San Diego, Rivers remained a vital part of the squad until 2019, even after their move to Los Angeles. His final season, however, was with the Indianapolis Colts, who secured the second spot in the AFC South this season, trailing the Tennessee Titans. Rivers’ farewell game with the Colts ended in a 27-24 defeat against the Buffalo Bills on 9 January.

Expressing his gratitude, Rivers stated, “I am appreciative of the Chargers for 16 seasons, as well as the Colts for the 17th season. I extend my thanks to all the coaches who contributed to my growth as a player and individual. I am grateful for the support team and value the competition brought by opposing defenses, which tested me physically and mentally every week… I also relished the friendly banter…”

Acknowledging the fans in San Diego and nationwide, Rivers expressed his gratitude to both supporters and critics alike. He gave a special mention to his teammates and concluded by thanking his wife and closest companion, Tiffany, along with their children.

Rivers has revealed his intention to stay connected with football by pursuing a coaching career in college football, as conveyed during an interview with the San Diego Union-Tribune.

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