Packer may follow New Orleans’ game plane: Report

Packer may follow New Orleans’ game plane: Report

People who watched the New Orleans Saints last season, they must have the idea about how NFL team successfully incorporate two outstanding players at such a position which is typical features only one of them on the field at the same time.

People also have seen that the way the Green Bay Packers meld their three potentially productive backs, i.e., Montgomery, Jamaal Williams and Aaron Jones. Aron Rodger returned to the game which was ruined the team last NFL seasons.

It has always been stated that NFL always has been a copycat league. So, there is nothing to surprise in the incident where coach Mike McCarthy takes a page out of Payton’s playbook. When asked if he examined how the Saints used their backs and are the team is going to apply those to the offence, McCarthy certainly wasn’t going to tip his hand. During an interview after the end of the offseason program, McCarthy stated the fact of the matter is the team is to go running back by committee. The team has got three guys that have all done it.

As per the report, Ingram has ranked in fourth place in the NFL in both rushing yards with 1,124 points and rushing average with 4.9.  With 728 rushing yards and 6.1 rushing average, Kamara ranked 26th. Ingram ranked 13th with 416 rushing yard and eighth (58).

Then Montgomery, Williams, and Jones come in for the Packers. All the three players have battled injuries at different points during the last season. These players can carry the ball, catch the ball and pass block.

However, until now all the players have shown their best skills. Montgomery provides matchup advantages.  Williams, fourth-round pick took the team in rushing last year. On the other hand, Jones fifth-rounder has recorded 20-yard game-winning touchdown in overtime against the Buccaneers.

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