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Naomi Osaka opens up about her tears on the ‘notorious’ nerves

Naomi Osaka opens up about her tears on the ‘notorious’ nerves

The first Japanese player who won the Grand Slam singles, Naomi Osaka has blamed the ‘notorious’ awkwardness of herself over the legendary tennis player Serena Williams’  meltdown regarding the trophy ceremony of US Open. Osaka burst into tears when the crowd started booing. Osaka had put her tears down and honestly shredded her natural awkwardness. The crowd started booing after Osaka trashed Serena Williams off with 6-2, 6-4 in the finale of the US Open a week ago.

Osaka had the chance to beat her childhood sports idol Serena Williams in the controversial final after the veteran tennis player received a violation of code for coaching. During the US Open, Serena and Carlos Ramos got into a brawl, and the umpire was called a “thief” which result in Serena’s meltdown, and Serena even smashed her racket.

On Monday, Osaka spoke at a press conference in Tokyo. Osaka who is now the first Japanese player ever to win a Grand Slam singles championship trophy has was seeing recalling her nervousness during the US Open trophy ceremony; she said “I feel like there was just a lot of emotions. I couldn’t pinpoint it at the time; I just felt very overwhelmed.”

Osaka said that she’s grateful that people showed their care and sympathy, but according to her I don’t think there was anything to be sad about.” She even said that she never felt like living in that moment for a longer duration, “I think I do things my way, and everyone is different in their way, so I don’t have any regrets.”

Osaka has risen from 19th position in the new world rankings of tennis to seventh. During her acceptance speech, she said “Hi, I’m Naomi … this is probably going to be the worst acceptance speech of all time.”

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