KD Eliminated Mid-Game After Confusion About Covid-19 Regulations

Durant was pulled out in the third quarter.

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The Brooklyn Nets had a disappointing defeat against the Raptors on Friday night. With a score of 123-117, the Nets faced adversity by losing Kevin Durant, one of their key players, who was taken out of the game early.

Durant was originally not expected to play in the game due to the NBA’s Covid-19 protocols. Despite NBA representative Tim Frank confirming that Durant had tested negative for the virus three times in the 24-hour window before the game, with two tests on the same day, he had come into contact with a person who had an inconclusive test result on Friday afternoon.

In the initial stages of the game, Durant was given permission to join in during the first quarter. However, as the match progressed, a follow-up test on the individual with the inconclusive result turned out positive, leading to Durant swiftly being taken out of the game.

Nets’ coach Steve Nash broke the news to Durant, who was seen on replays heading towards the locker room and expressing frustration by throwing his water bottle.

Teammate James Harden mentioned his confusion as to why the game was not postponed, considering Durant had already interacted with the rest of the team. Durant himself vented on social media by tweeting, “Release me.”

The Nets have been granted clearance to travel to Philadelphia for their game next Saturday, but Durant will not be accompanying them.

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