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Josh Gordon was traded to the New England Patriots

Josh Gordon was Traded to the New England Patriots

The Cleveland Browns have finally come up with a decision to throwing in the towel of the troubled yet talented wide receiver Josh Gordon and have severed the ties with the wide receiver for good and traded Gordon for the draft pick for a fifth-round this Monday. It seems Josh Gordon is no longer going to be a problem of the Cleveland Browns and by the looks of it, the strange and stuttering career of Gordon is going to start afresh in New England. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have found themselves a new offensive toy.

The deal came into being was finalized two days after the Cleveland Brown reached a breaking point with the wide receiver, Gordon. Josh Gordon was suspended many times bt the NFL during his career due to drug violations ever since he was drafted by Cleveland back in 2012.

Josh Gordon had played in the season opener with the Browns against Pittsburgh. On Saturday, the team was reported by the wide receiver that he is suffering from a hamstring injury after practicing for the season game the whole week. It was then the Browns took a decision of leaving Gordon when they voyaged to New Orleans, and later the team revealed that they are planning to release him for good.

In the meantime, the manager of Cleveland, John Dorsey figured out the crowded market for the played and strategized swapping him off with New England. The always supported Gordon, but they felt that they were deceived and finally moved on.

According to the coach of Cleveland, Hue Jackson, they have done everything they could do for John but didn’t provide any specific reason related to the issue. Jackson also said “We tried to provide the right environment. It just didn’t work out. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery, and hopefully, things work out for Josh.”

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