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Jon Gruden has shown no regrets on the trade of Khalil Mack

Jon Gruden has shown no regrets on the trade of Khalil Mack

On Monday, Jon Gruden, the Raiders’ coach has said that he is not spending his precious time in wondering whether things could have had an alternate ending with the defensive end of the team, Khalil Mack. The Raiders came off through a significant loss, and this led to letting go of Khalil Mack.

In his weekly press conference, after the Raiders lost to Denver Broncos with a score of 20-19, Gruden said: “No, it doesn’t make me regret making the decision.” He said “We made the trade. Things weren’t going to be 50-50, hindsight. He even accepted that the team would’ve loved to have Khalil Mack with them, but he’s not here – “Somebody’s got to step up. We’ve got to keep building our team, and that’s what we’re going to do. Hopefully, we’ll see more from Arden Key. Hopefully, we see more from PJ Hall when he gets healthy. Hopefully, we prove that in the long term we did the right thing.”

When Mack couldn’t come up to the terms with the Raiders on the extension of the contract, he was immediately traded to the Chicago based American Football team, Chicago bears at the final cutdown.

Case Keenum was sacked with the Raiders (0-2) because of the single attempts of him against the Broncos. In the first half of the game, Keenum was feeling uncomfortable, but as soon as the game reached the second half, the pressure did not exist anymore.

Gruden also revealed that the Raiders are in need to get the most out of Bruce Irvin, the defensive end along with the top pass rusher of the team with Mack off the roster. Gruden said the team needs the most out of their captain. The captain has been in some tight spots but he is a great player, and he had some fantastic snaps. Gruden is not wallowing in the gloomy thoughts.

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