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Four-time All-Star Jimmy Butler suffers from knee injury during the match

On Friday, the Timberwolves not only lost the game but also the team that day lost their four-time All-Star Jimmy Butler.  As per the report, during the late hours of the game, Butler suffered a right knee injury. He was not able to stand and was helped off the court by two teammates. The team also lost the match played against the Rockets by 120-102. As per the report, on Saturday he will go through a magnetic resonance imaging test in the Twin Cities. After that doctor will inform about the severity of the injury. For now, he will not be able to play some matches, for around few weeks.


Tom Thilbodeau, Timberwolves coach and President of Basketball Operations stated “Until you do the MRI, you’re speculating. We’ll know tomorrow. … You’re just hopeful it’s not bad.”

After grabbing a rebound in the third quarter, Butler fell hard on his right foot before collapsing and grabbing his right knee. 3 minutes 5 seconds left in the third quarter when he was injured. After that, he was there on the floor for around four minutes. Fans spotted him avoid putting weight on his right leg.  He was trying to get around Ryan Anderson to give a pass to Taj Gibson.

After, that many players like Thibodeau, and Houston stars James Harden and Chris Paul surrounded him but later Karl-Anthony Towns and Cole Aldrich took him to the locker room. After the game, Harden visited there.

Gibson stated I was very concerned. I’ve been with Jimmy my whole career. When he goes down, he doesn’t just go down for anything. You know it’s something serious, so I was just a little bit shaken up, just knowing how hard he plays.”

The guard Jamal Crawford stated “Obviously, Jimmy is our guy. We play through him. We do so much. He’s at the center of just about everything we do. So losing him hurts.” Now, all are waiting for the report.

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