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Capital of Japan Olympics: Venue, Time, Competitions, And More

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Among the major international occasions, the Capital of Japan Olympics will formally occur this summer from 24th July to 8th August in the year 2021. After an extended period, the Capital of Japan Olympics commence from the upcoming summer. The inaugural event is scheduled for 23rd July, while the closing ceremony is set for 8th August 2021.

Following a one-year postponement due to the worldwide Coronavirus outbreak, the summer Olympics are all prepared to start once more. Enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the changes in store for this year. The athletics contests will kick off from 30th July at the new Tokyo Stadium where sports aficionados will witness a variety of competitions, performances, and medal presentations.

Where will the Capital of Japan Olympics 2021 be Held?

This marks the second instance that the summer competitions are taking place in Japan’s capital. Previously, the games were hosted there in 1964. The majority of the events will be conducted in Tokyo, with certain competitions scheduled in various cities. It is noted that the men’s and women’s marathon will primarily transpire in Sapporo, situated 500 miles north of Tokyo. Road cycling will occur in the vicinity of Mount Fuji’s foothills. Additionally, baseball and softball matches are set to be held in Yokohama and Fukushima.

What are the Competitions?

This time around, the Capital of Japan Olympics showcases 33 sports, 50 disciplines, and 339 medal ceremonies featuring numerous events within brackets. Here is an overview of the competitions scheduled for this summer.

Artistic gymnastics (14), archery (5), badminton (5), artistic swimming (2), basketball (2), baseball and softball (2), 3-on-3 basketball (2), BMX racing (2), beach volleyball (2), BMX freestyle (2), boxing (13), canoeing (16), cycling (22), diving (8), equestrian (6), fencing (12), football (2), golf (2), field hockey (2), gymnastics (18), handball (2), road cycling (2), judo (15), karate (8), pentathlon (2), rhythmic gymnastics (2), rowing (14), rugby (2), mountain biking (2), sailing (10), shooting (15), skateboarding (4), sport climbing (2), surfing (2), swimming (37), table tennis (5), taekwondo (8), tennis (5), track and field (48), track cycling (12), volleyball (2), weightlifting (14), water polo (2), trampoline gymnastics (2), triathlon (3), and wrestling (18).

Fresh Olympic Sports Introduced This Summer:

Skateboarding (rails, stairs, and ramps, park, and a colossal bow)
BMX freestyle (daring cyclists, tricks, and leaps)
Sport climbing (speed climbing, lead climbing, and bouldering)
Basketball (3-on-3 basketball)
Karate (Kunite and Kata)

Without approval from the Japanese government, individuals are prohibited from booking flights. The Tokyo 2020 organizers have ensured compliance with restrictions before permitting the entry of spectators. As of February’s conclusion, foreign visitors were no longer permitted to enter the country.

Enthusiasts can catch the live broadcast of the summer Tokyo Olympics competitions through various sports and national channels, including NBC, NBC Sports Network, CNBC, and USA Network. Some events will be aired live, while others may be broadcast with a delay.

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