Bucks Make Finals Appearance After ’74, Middleton And Holiday Deserve All Recognition

It took Milwaukee Bucks a considerable time to reach the NBA finals once more. Giannis Antetokounmpo is commonly referred to as the key player, yet they managed to achieve this milestone even without his presence on Saturday evening. It is crucial to acknowledge the pivotal role played by the heroic Khris Middleton. He not only secured a series lead for Milwaukee with an outstanding performance in Game 5 but also delivered an impressive show in Game 6 against ATL. Despite falling short of scoring 32 points to lead all scorers in the match, Middleton’s exceptional performance in the third quarter (where the Bucks dominated the Atlanta Hawks with a score of 44-29) ultimately secured their place in the Finals.

Middleton scored 16 consecutive points in that third quarter, driving his team’s momentum forward and practically shutting down any hopes of a surprising comeback by the Hawks, similar to their previous round against Philadelphia. Jrue Holiday also played a significant role, nearly achieving a triple-double with 27 points, nine assists, and nine rebounds. Furthermore, four other players scored in double digits, further boosting their performance. Despite Trae Young’s appearance for the Hawks, he seemed far from his usual self due to his injury discomfort, while Cam Reddish managed to score 21 points in the losing effort. As they move forward, the Hawks will now observe like everyone else as the Bucks face the Suns in Phoenix starting on Tuesday.



Featured Image by Pxfuel

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