Braves Travel To Houston After Clinching The First Pennant Victory Since 1999

Having faced a two-decade struggle, the Atlanta Braves have successfully reappeared in the World Series. Following a missed opportunity in the previous season against the Los Angeles Dodgers when they held a 3-1 lead in the NLCS but failed to capitalize on it, the 2021 season brought new fortunes for them. They replicated the same 3-1 lead after four games, yet this time they seized the moment and secured the win. In a nerve-wracking Game 6 on Saturday, the Braves emerged victorious with a score of 4-2, setting their course to confront the Houston Astros.


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Early in the game, the Braves took the lead as Austin Riley’s double, ground-rule, paved the way. Despite the Dodgers’ attempt to level the playing field with Cody Bellinger’s impressive hit in the fourth inning, it was the Braves who shone brightest in the same inning. Eddie Rosario, undoubtedly the standout player of the NLCS, smashed a three-run homer, extending their lead to 4-1. Although the Dodgers managed to score one run in the seventh inning, the Braves held their ground and maintained the lead until the final out. The reigning World Series champions were dethroned, and a team that struggled to achieve a winning record until August advanced to the ultimate showdown. Truly, baseball proves to be a captivating sport, doesn’t it? The World Series will commence with Game 1 in Houston on Tuesday.

Featured Image by Lenora Cagle via Pixabay

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