Atlanta Braves Urged To Rename Themselves The “Hammers”

Aaron died aged 86 in his sleep.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

After the passing of baseball icon Hank Aaron last Friday, supporters of the Atlanta Braves have urged the team to rebrand as the “Atlanta Hammers” in his memory.

Aaron passed away at 86, in a peaceful slumber, as announced by the team. He served as a source of inspiration for many in the African-American community due to his relentless pursuit of the MLB home run record, a record he held for more than three decades, despite facing racial discrimination.

In remembrance of him, the governors of Georgia and Alabama ordered flags to be lowered to half-mast. The Braves welcomed fans to Truist Park for the first time since 2019, granting them the opportunity to pay their respects at Aaron’s statue on both Friday and Saturday.

Subsequently, supporters have mounted pressure on various social media platforms for the Braves to alter their moniker, paying homage to Aaron’s famous nickname, “Hammerin’ Hank.” An online petition was launched to advocate for the name change, deeming it a significant gesture to honor Aaron’s legacy and to eradicate “the blemish on the city that comes with a team name that disrespects Native and Indigenous communities.”

The Braves hold the distinction of being the oldest team in the National League (NL) and have been known as the “Braves” for more than a century, asserting that the term is a form of tribute to Native Americans rather than a derogatory term.

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