Athletics Promote Third Base Coach Mark Kotsay To Manager

The Oakland Athletics were in the market for a new manager, and they chose someone from within the organization for 2022 and potentially beyond. Mark Kotsay, a 46-year-old former Major Leaguer who played for seven clubs during his career and was the team’s third-base coach last season, is the guy they’ve chosen for the job.


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Kotsay replaces the outgoing Bob Melvin, who is the new San Diego Padres manager. The A’s missed the playoffs last season with an 86-76 record, so that will be one of the things Kotsay is tasked with. He’ll also potentially be dealing with a revamped lineup as rumors continue to float around that the team is open to letting stars like Matt Olson and Matt Chapman go. If you know anything about the A’s, it’s that they can and will likely find suitable replacements, so don’t be shocked if Kotsay ends up finding success with seeming no-names in the near future.


Featured Image by stanbalik via Pixabay

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